Geoff Taylor works as a freelance audio engineer
for shows in any venues in any location. Having toured all the major theatres
in Australia and many of the regional ones, Geoff continues to step in when
required for small tours of just weekend work.

Geoff immerses himself into the show and goes
the extra mile to deliver a sound that he knows the performers want the
audience to experience. Touring artists and tribute shows know the importance
of traveling with their own audio engineer who becomes the glue that binds the
show together each night and presents it to the audience the way it should sound.

Geoff’s experience in this field helps him
deliver a superb sound night after night all across the country. If you are in
need of a quality sound engineer for any walk-in work anywhere in the country,
get in touch.

Hermans Hermits, Crown Casino Melbourne
Bohemian Rhapsody, Empire Theatre Toowoomba
Hermans Hermits, Twin Towns Tweed Heads