Jericho productions is the banner under which Geoff Taylor has spent the past 18 years carving out his own little piece of the music industry as a musician and audio engineer.

Covid came along in 2020 and brought massive changes to the lives of all those in the music industry. Deciding to sell up all his production equipment in order to stay out of debt with no work, Geoff has managed to emerge from the covid apocalypse with all his organs still intact.

Getting back into the audio chair solely as a freelance walk-in engineer, Geoff is now thankful to be seeing some of the work he loves coming back to him. Now as the preferred sound engineer for all Queensland shows of the awesome Queen tribute show, Bohemian Rhapsody, Geoff is climbing back up the steps to where he prefers to be. Sitting behind an audio console.

2022 has also seen Geoff join the highly acclaimed Australian Eagles show filling the role as Glenn Frey once again as he did in a previous Eagles show in 2016. Being on the stage has always been Geoff’s first love with sitting behind the audio console a close second.