Why JPS?

So why choose JPS over any other production provider?

Here at JPS we believe that every show we do should be as good as we can do it.
Geoff has been a musician for over 30 years and played in many tribute shows on the club scene as well as the theatre circuit. So Geoff believes every show should be produced as if he himself is playing in the show.

So JPS will always go above and beyond for every client. We use every tool at our disposal to deliver the best concert experience for the audience and the band. This adds no extra cost to the show. If we have it and we think it will make you look or sound better, we use it.

Drum riser, Moving heads, Lighting truss, Kobuki curtain, blinders just to name some of the items that we have at our disposal. We will tailor each show according to its needs.

 At JPS, you will always get 150% from start to finish. Give us a try for yourself