ST 1100 LED Dash lights

Here is my quick rundown on upgrading my dash lights to LED. Starting with the obvious, I removed the screen and front panel.
Then I removed the dash panel to expose the back of the dash panel. Now it is possible to complete the task from this point but the position of the two lower dash globes are extremely difficult to get to. So I opted to go a little further.
I removed the side panels and tank cover (Air filter cover). My objective is to pull the whole instrument panel forward to allow easy access to all globes.
You need to remove the headlight adjuster knob as well.
Now we can pull the front dash panel forward to get to the two screws that hold the dash in place.
Just the view with dash surround removed.
There is the screw on the left side of the dash. Requires an allen key tool.
The same on the right side of the dash
Once those two srews are removed, the dash will easily move away from the frame to allow easy access to the globes. I have circled the 4 dash globe positions. I also upgraded the Stand globe and the neutral globe as they are all the same size as the dash globes. All the other globes in the dash are smaller and I am yet to obtaing small LED’s to replace them
So I originally had green LEDs in the dash and decided I wanted to try blue. I like the blue better but each to their own. You can try whatever suits you. Put it all back together and happy days.
These are the LED’s I used. They look huge compared to the original globes but they fit easily. Its also worth pointing out that the LEDs only work one way. So when you put one in, turn on the ignition to check it. I only got 1 out of 4 correct the first time 🙂