American Hearland features the best songs from John Mellenacamp, John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen. With so many iconic songs to choose from, the greatest challenge in creating this show was trying to decide which songs to leave out in order to keep the show to a suitable length. The show Features the vocal talents of Geoff Taylor who has toured the country in roles such as Glenn Frey (The Best of The Eagles), Chris Norman (Smokie Revival), Dusty Hill (ZZ Topzz) and more.

Along with the exceptional talents of Shane Brooker (Guitars & Vocals), Darren Griffiths (bass & Vocals) and Glenn Sargent (Drums & Percussion) All this presented with professional sound and lighting and a dedicated road crew, American Heartland sets out to create a new standard in tribute shows by presenting a show that will appeal to a wider audience and Entertain longer than the standard single artist show.